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Guitar Strings
     D’aDDarrio
     Martin Marquis
     John Pearse
     Ernie Ball                       
     GHS
     Fender
     Elixir
 Violin Strings
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 Banjo Strings
 Dulcimer Strings
 Ukulele Strings
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 Guitar Straps
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 Slides
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 Amplifiers
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 Reeds
 Valve Oil
 Sheet Music 
 Instructional Books
 CDs, DVDs, and More!!!

Makin' Music special orders C.D.'s and D.V.D.'s, ( everything from today's top artists to the golden oldies. Many of the old vinyl albums and VHS have been made available on CD and DVD )  Sheet and Book Music orders are placed weekly from most of the major publishers. Everything from instructional to your favorite songs and artists. 

                                          THERE IS NO ORDERING FEE !               

Expert help and friendly advice are always in stock. If your accessories aren’t, we’ll do our best to get them!

Instrument Care and Maintenance

When you own a musical instrument it is important to keep it well maintained. To get the most out of your instrument, at all times, it must be in good condition. Always store the instrument in its case, preferably a hard shell case. Then store your instrument in a safe place (where it won’t be knocked over or sat on). Do not expose your instrument to extreme temperatures (don’t leave it in your car on hot or cold days).

Clean your instrument regularly. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Don’t use abrasive materials or cleansers. If you’re not sure how to care for your instrument, bring it in. Dave would be happy to take a look at it and find the right cleaning and care products. 

Guitar Care

General maintenance will prevent bigger problems in the future and ensure you can enjoy your instrument for years to come. One key to care is dusting your guitar regularly. There are also plenty of products designed for cleaning guitars and maintaining your strings. Follow instructions precisely. A good polish can preserve the wood of your guitar and give it a nice shine. Only use polish designed for guitars, to preserve the smooth finish. Proper use of a guitar stand and a tuning device will save your guitar from needless stress.

Replacing Strings

Initially, you may not be able to handle this task on your own. Dave would be happy to walk you through it. You’ll quickly get the hang of it, though. Many sources recommend replacing strings every few months. The oils in your skin can weaken the strings and affect their tone.

Dave also recommends annual inspection and service as necessary. This will maintain the quality and value of the instrument. Save all paperwork so you have a full record of your instrument’s service history.

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