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How to Choose the Right Guitar Instructor

Many individuals learn guitar well on their own. Some have an ear for music or already know how to read music. Others need more one-on-one training. When you’re ready to go beyond just strumming, you’ll need a good instructor.

Before you begin you’ll want to consider what resources you have available (time, funds, instrument, music, etc.). Then ask around. Enjoy local music and talk to the guitarists. Can they recommend a good teacher?

Read what students of Dave Habeck have said:

"I've learned so much from Dave, there's no one else I would prefer to learn from.
He lets me learn whatever I want to, not like other teachers that tell you what you have to learn. I can bring in any song, and he'll help me learn it. I've only been playing guitar since Sept (2010), and already I've progressed farther than I thought possible. Thanks Dave :)"
- Tianna, 15 years old

"My 10 year old had wanted to take guitar lessons for years and now he is hooked. Dave is so great with him. He takes the time to listen to him and his teaching style is perfect for him. It is amazing to watch the look on my child's face while at lessons and practicing at home. Thanks Dave!" - Kristen Rades

"The best part of having my 12 year old son take guitar lessons with Dave is that Dave is a natural at knowing how to customize his teaching style to be a perfect fit with each student. He genuinely enjoys every student and it shows! My son's initial interest in the guitar has now grown to a love of the guitar and I give Dave much credit to developing what could've been merely a passing fancy into a creative outlet that can be a lifelong source of fun and joy." - Okho Bohm-Hagedorn

Please, stop by Makin’ Music. And feel free to bring your instrument and musical selections along. Dave will answer any questions you have. In short order Dave and you will be able to determine if music lessons will be mutually beneficial.

Lessons can be weekly, bi-weekly, or on a come as you need basis.  Schedules can be set up to meet your goals and lifestyle.

Call or email Dave today to learn more about lessons for yourself or your child.

Phone:  (715) 524-3399 or (715) 250-3019

Email:  dave@makinmusicshawano.com