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How to Choose a Guitar

Choosing the right guitar is a very personal decision. The style depends on several factors. The basic choices are acoustic, classical, (nylon ) electric, and acoustic /electric. There are other variations, but these are the main choices. Beginners will want to choose a guitar that will be easy to play. Dave will help you find a guitar that will grow with you.  

There is some physical awkwardness and finger pain in the learning process. Dave will help you choose a guitar that won’t impede the learning process. A classical guitar with nylon strings eases finger pain. Another good choice is a solid body electric with very close "action", meaning that the strings are very close to the fretboard. A good acoustic with close action is another sound option. 

The music genre you’d like to play also influences which guitar is right for you. Naturally, if you want to play rock you’ll need an electric guitar with an amplifier. Soft rock, country, or folk are best played on a quality acoustic guitar or acoustic electric. Classical guitars (plain or electric) are best known for Latin or classical music but also a good fit for other styles.  

We know cost will factor into your decision. Come on in and let Dave help you find the guitar that will best suit your skill level, music genre, and budget. If you enjoy playing and want to get better, choose an instrument that you will cherish dearly.

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